Frequently Asked Questions

Do we allow pets?

No, sorry we do not allow pets, we tried it and unfortunately it didnt work out.

Do we supply or sell Cannabis?

No, not at this time due to the amount of competition involved in obtaining a license at this time. However it is one of our future plans.

Are we close to the beach?

Yes, we are close to several beaches: Port Franks, Ipperwash and Grand Bend.

Can we smoke in the cabins?

No, unfortunately we do not allow smoking indoors but do allow smoking anywhere outdoors on our property.

How close are your cabins from one another?

The cabins are approximately 20ft from one another.

Are kids allowed?

We do have a no kids rule for our property, however this rule can be waived if you rent all cabins on the property.

Do we supply linens?

No, you must bring your own bed linen and towels.

Can I book one night?

Depending on availability.

Do we have fire Pits and BBQ

Yes there is a fire pits and bbqs at all the cabins.

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